History Of Sweden (2 Titles) [History]

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Sweden (1899) by Nilsson, Victor Alfred (1867–1942)




A History Of Sweden (1931) by Stomberg, Andrew Adin (1871–1943)

ℹ️ "The noteworthy progress in practically all worthwhile endeavours which the Swedish people has made, during the most recent decades especially, has served to arouse a deep interest in this northern nation and its institutions. This interest is very manifest among English-speaking peoples as well as among other races. A book in the English language which recites the history of Sweden from earliest times to the present day has therefore long been a desideratum. This volume is the result of a desire to be helpful in making available data which reveal "how it actually has happened.”

It has been my constant aim to bring into relief those personages and events which seem to have actually counted for something in the long and painful struggle for human betterment. If it should appear to some that the agricultural class, the bönder, is given undue prominence in the following pages, it may justly be answered that the group has played so unique a part in the nation’s history that it would be difficult to find a parallel in the records of any other country. One cannot properly write a history of Sweden without taking cognizance of the bönder’s sterling worth and valuable contributions. Too much emphasis has not, I think, been placed upon the part that royalty has played in the life of the Swedish people. In the words of one of Sweden’s foremost historians, Geijer: "The history of the Swedes is the history of their kings.” While this statement is admittedly an exaggeration, any fair-minded man must certainly concede that Swedish kings have profoundly affected the lives and fortunes of their subjects. Most of them, men of outstanding intellectual endowments, have been impelled to worthy achievement by tremendous energy. The co-operation of the sturdy bonde class and patriotic and clear-visioned kings presents much of human interest and has been of profound significance to the nation.

It would be highly presumptuous to claim that all of this work is the result of original research. While the author can truthfully say that he has done an extensive reading of primary sources in the field, he frankly admits that the excellent standard works on the history of Sweden in the Swedish language have been relied upon largely both for facts and interpretation. This will appear not only from the text, but from the references cited."




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