Studies On The Life And Work Of Friedrich Nietzsche (18 Titles) [Philosophy]

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01) The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1900) by Broene, Johannes (????–????)

02) The Philosophy Of Nietzsche (1913) by Chatterton-Hill, George (1883–1947)

03) The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1901) by Dolson, Grace Neal (1874–1961)

04) The Life Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1911) by Halévy, Daniel (1872–1962)

05) The Quintessence Of Nietzsche (1913) by Kennedy, John McFarland (1886–1918)

06) Nietzsche (1914) by Kennedy, John McFarland (1886–1918)

07) The Gospel Of Superman, The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1912) by Lichtenberger, Henri (1864–1941)

08) Who Is To Be Master Of The World? An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1909) by Ludovici, Anthony Mario (1882–1971)

09) Nietzsche, His Life And Works (1910) by Ludovici, Anthony Mario (1882–1971)

10) Nietzsche And Art (1911) by Ludovici, Anthony Mario (1882–1971)

ℹ️ "IN this book, which embodies a course of lectures delivered in a somewhat condensed and summarized form at University College, London, during November and December, 1910, I have done two things. I have propounded Nietzsche s general Art doctrine, and, with the view of illustrating it and of defining it further, I have also applied its leading principles to one of the main branches of Art." (From Preface)

11) The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1913) by Mencken, Henry Louis (1880–1956)

12) Nietzsche (1912) by More, Paul Elmer (1864–1937)

13) Friedrich Nietzsche (1900) by Mügge, Maximilian August (1878–????)

14) Friedrich Nietzsche, His Life And Work (1908) by Mügge, Maximilian August (1878–????)

15) Friedrich Nietzsche, The Dionysian Spirit Of The Age (1906) by Orage, Alfred Richard (1873–1934)

16) Nietzsche And The Ideals Of Modern Germany (1915) by Stewart, Herbert Leslie (1882–1953)

ℹ️ "This series of lectures is the expansion of a short course which I delivered last winter to the students of Dalhousie University. They make no pretence to be an adequate appreciation of Nietzsche s place in the history of thought; I have confined myself to those aspects of his work which may cast light upon the social policy and ideals of Germany as these have been revealed in the present war." (From Preface)

17) The Philosophy Of Nietzsche (1915) by Wolf, Abraham (1876–1948)

18) What Nietzsche Taught (1915) by Wright, Willard Huntington (1888–1939)


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«ὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ»/"the unexamined life is not worth living"

(Plato, Apology: 38a. Translated by H. N. Fowler)

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