The law and the woman by Edward Abbott Parry 1916

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The law and the woman. Sir Edward Abbott Parry 1863-1943

The fact is that every citizen is in a slumber over the affairs of his own generation. He is wide awake enough about the shocking morals of Central African natives, or the awful social system of the eighteenth century, but when you want to tell him tales about slum dwellings, sweating and infant mor tality in his own parish, he yawns deprecatingly and asks, “What is the matter? ”

In these pages, then, I have sought to point out the paths along which the reformer can make for the heights of greater freedom and justice for Woman as far as these things are attainable by Law, and though I cannot see any Millennium to be brought about by legal reform, yet I do not despise it, for I believe it to be a sensible, practical business, and the study of it leads one among strange forgotten thinkers and writers and is full of entertainment.
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