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The Roman Theocracy And The Republic: 1846–1849 (1901)

ℹ️ "He begins his story with a backward glance at the rise of the papacy in the Roman Empire; then proceeds to trace very briefly the growth of the papacy down to modern times; until, with the accession of Pius IX. he reaches his main theme. Thenceforward, he describes in sufficient detail each phase of Pius's illusory liberalism, which inevitably swept the Curia into the hands of the extreme Papalini, while the national movement, to which Pius had given its greatest impetus, swept not less inevitably into the hands of the extreme Democrats. The last third of the story is devoted to the short-lived Republic and its struggle against the overwhelming odds massed against it by the French. Mr. Johnston reports these matters in orderly fashion, without enthusiasm, but with evident intention of being fair. He has not only read widely the literature of the subject, but he has digested and coordinated his reading." (William Roscoe Thayer, The American Historical Review, 04/1902)



The Napoleonic Empire In Southern Italy And The Rise Of The Secret Societies (1904)

ℹ️ "The Napoleonic empire, the restoration, and the revolution of 1820 are as deficient in published material as the later Neapolitan periods of the century, and the writing of the present volumes, intended for the serious general reader, demanded courage, as well as historical enterprise. Sicily has been excluded from the narrative in order to give it greater unity, and because despatches of Lord Bentinck remain shut up in British secret archives. However, Sicilian relations have been outlined when necessary, and the account does not lose by the exclusion. Mr. Johnston frankly admits the limitations of his work in the face of inadequate sources, but believes that his account is in "the broad outline substantially true". He has certainly done a useful piece of work; the English reader no longer need depend on the English translation of Colletta, a primary source, but very untrustworthy, an apology and a series of libels rather than a history. Mr. Johnston's narrative is entertaining, and exhibits breadth of view and considerable discernment." (William Roscoe Thayer, The American Historical Review, 04/1902)

Volume 1


Volume 2


Memoirs Of "Malakoff": Being Extracts From The Correspondence Of The Late William Edward Johnston (1907)

Volume 1


Volume 2


Leading American Soldiers (1907)



Napoleon: A Short Biography (1909, New Edition)

ℹ️ "THIS book is intended to present to the reader in the most concise form possible, but yet with historical accuracy, an outline of the history of Napoleon that will convey an adequate first impression of his genius and policy. Without some knowledge of this extraordinary man and of his period it is impossible to understand the politics, constitution, and general circumstances of modern Europe. But the literature of the Napoleonic period is so vast, probably approaching forty thousand books, that the reader who feels disposed to get some acquaintance with it is frequently unable to find a practicable way through the maze.

This new edition is revised to date in the bibliographies, and is corrected in a few typographical and other slips. Its appearance coincides with that of my French Revolution, of which it forms the continuation. Will the reader kindly note, however, that this is not a short history, as that is, but a short biography? The one book continues the other, but in a different key."


The French Revolution: A Short History (1909)

ℹ️ "The object of this book is similar to that with which, a few years ago, I wrote a short biography of Napoleon. The main outlines of the Revolution, the proportion and relation of things, tend to become obscured under the accumulation of historical detail that is now proceeding. This is an attempt, therefore, to disentangle from the mass of details the shape, the movement, the significance of this great historical cataclysm." (Preface)


The Corsican: A Diary Of Napoleon's Life In His Own Words (1910)




The Holy Christian Church: From Its Remote Origins To The Present Day (1912)



Memoire De Marie Caroline, Reine De Naples, Intitule De La Revolution Du Royaume De Sicile (1913) par Marie-Caroline d'Autriche (1752–1814)


Bull Run: Its Strategy And Tactics (1913)


First Reflections On The Campaign Of 1918 (1920)



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