Geraldine Emma Hodgson Bibliography (10 Titles)

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The Teacher's Rabelais (1904)

📖 70 pages long—excluding 2 pages bearing poems, 2 pages of Preface and 2 pages of Notes.

ℹ️ "No edition of the pedagogic portions of Rabelais seems to exist in English. The present volume is an attempt to fill the blank, which will probably be felt increasingly as "the training of secondary teachers" becomes a wider and more powerful movement." (Preface)

Studies In French Education From Rabelais To Rousseau (1908)

ℹ️ "No book dealing exclusively with French Education seemed to exist in English ; yet the History of Education is singularly incomplete if the contribution of the great French Educators be omitted." (Preface)

The Form Of Perfect Living And Other Prose Treatises (1910) by Rolle, Richard (ca. 1300–1349)

ℹ️ "THIS book is not intended for those who are acquainted with Anglo-Saxon and Middle English ; but for those who care for the thought, specially the religious and devotional thought, of our forefathers. My one aim has been to make a portion of that thought accurately intelligible to modern readers, with the greatest possible saving of trouble to them. When I could use the old word or phrase, with certainty of its being understood, I have done so. When I could not, I have replaced it with the best modern equivalent I could find or invent. In extenuation of the occasional use of Rolle's expression, "by their lone", I may urge its expressiveness, the absence of an equivalent, and the fact that it may still be heard in remote places. Where possible, I have retained the archaic order of the original Text. Such irregular constructions, as e.g., the use of a singular pronoun in the first half of a sentence, and of a plural in the second half, I have left unaltered ; for the meaning was perfectly clear. In short, I have endeavoured to make Richard Rolle as he was as significant as possible to English men and women of to-day as they are, when they are not professed students of English language. In such an undertaking, it is obvious that I must have presented endless vulnerable places to the learned. I can only repeat that the book was never meant for them, but for those who will perhaps forgive me if I describe them as specialists in religious thought rather than in English Language." (Preface)

Rationalist English Educators (1912)

In The Way Of The Saints (1913)

A Study In Illumination (1914)

The Place Of Women In The Church (1917) (As A Joint Author)

Criticism At A Venture (1919)

ℹ️ "THE writer has had only one object in making this book, to spread, if possible, appreciation, love of our literature. It is not meant to provide material for examination papers, nor for the overnight patching up of "lessons" for delivery next day in school. It is meant for the refreshment of teachers, if they will read it just as human beings." (Preface)

English Mystics (1922)

ℹ️ "I have not attempted to write an encyclopaedic handbook which should detail salient facts about every English writer in whom the most relentless searcher could detect a speck of mysticism ; but I have tried to indicate the particular qualities, the racial aroma of English Mysticism, in its different aspects, as shown by men and women of widely separated times and dissimilar temperament and environment.

Scholars may perhaps forgive popularizing efforts if they bring within the reach of a great mass of the English people things of great price which should be our common inheritance, and not the enclosed garden of a very few.

To compile an adequate history of English Mysticism would consume a lifetime's research, and demand more volumes than the majority of people now would dream of reading.

If the book should serve to restore the idea of the mystical temper as a desirable possibility for sane and practical Englishmen, and to show that, in varying forms, it has been in every age not only a possibility but a fact, it may perhaps prove not wholly useless to a generation marked by a spirit of inquiry and unsatisfied desire."

English Literature (1923)

ℹ️ "This book is not meant to be an Outline History of this our Literature: plenty of such exist. It has, as its main aim, the purpose of helping some of those' who do not know much or perhaps anything about it, or who may be thinking of it as a dull, horrid thing which they have to ‘‘ learn ” in school, to see it as it is." (Preface)


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