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Liberalism by Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse 1911

Posted: May 25th, 2019, 3:47 pm
by soupy
Liberalism by L. T. Hobhouse 1911

Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse 1864-1929

Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse (8 September 1864 – 21 June 1929) was a British liberal political theorist and sociologist, who has been considered one of the leading and earliest proponents of social liberalism. His works, culminating in his famous book Liberalism (1911), occupy a seminal position within the canon of New Liberalism.

Hobhouse disliked Marxist socialism, describing his own position as liberal socialism and later as social liberalism. Hobhouse occupies a particularly important place in the intellectual history of the Liberal Democrats because of this.