Master Μariners (1912) by Spears, John Randolph [Naval History]

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∙ Title: Master Μariners
∙ Author: Spears, John Randolph (1850–1936)
∙ Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
∙ Date/Edition/Impression: © 1912


A study examining the life and work of the most prominent mariners, along with the general historical framework and the evolution of trade and means of sailing.

"This volume is to tell what the men of the sea, the Master Mariners, have done for humanity — what part they have had in the development of civilization."

(From Preface)

Readability Information

239 pages, divided into 10 chapters of long length, plus 2 pages of Preface. No illustrations in text.
Total: 241 Pages

Lector Recitator’s Readability Rating

Not in regards to Subject Matter or Overall Length, but Structure
(i.e., Division of written material into Chapters/Sections & Subchapters/Subsections and their individual length)

1/5: Laborious ◄
∙ 2/5: Challenging
∙ 3/5: Readable
∙ 4/5: Quite Readable
∙ 5/5: Exceedingly Readable

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