The Cambridge Modern History (1902–1910) by Dalberg-Acton, John [Modern History]

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The Cambridge Modern History (1902–1910) comprising 13 volumes, planned by Dalberg-Acton, John Emerich Edward (1834–1902) and edited by Ward, Adolphus William (1837-1924), Prothero, George Walter (1848–1922) & Leathes, Stanley Mordaunt (1861–1938)

The most circumstantial and detailed work in the Public Domain examining Modern History, covering the historical framework from 1450 to 1910, written by leading authorities.

ℹ️ "The aim of this work is to record, in the way most useful to the greatest number of readers, the fulness of knowledge in the field of modem history which the nineteenth century has bequeathed to its' successor. The idea of a universal Modern History is not in itself new ; it has already been successfully carried into execution both in France and Germany. But we believe that the present work may, without presumption, aim higher than its predecessors, and may seek to be something more than a useful compilation or than a standard work of reference.

By a universal Modern History we mean something distinct from the combined History of all countries — in other words, we mean a narrative which is not a mere string of episodes, but displays a continuous development. It moves in a succession to which the nations are subsidiary. Their stories will accordingly be told here, not for their own sakes, but in reference and subordination to a higher process, and according to the time and the degree in which they influence the common fortunes of mankind."

01) The Renaissance:

02) The Reformation:

03) The Wars Of Religion:

04) The Thirty Years War:

05) The Age Of Louis XIV:

06) The Eighteenth Century:

07) The United States:

08) The French Revolution:

09) Napoleon:

10) The Restoration:

11) The Growth of Nationalities:

12) The Latest Age:

13) Tables and General Index: –
«ὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ»/"the unexamined life is not worth living"

(Plato, Apology: 38a. Translated by H. N. Fowler)

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