The Magnetic Girl by Richard Marsh

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The Magnetic Girl, while including a little bit of the weird that much of marsh features, is very much a light comedy rather than a horror/weird novel. Norah O'Brady is the youngest of five daughters, and has had no luck attracting men. One night she wishes that she would be irresistible to men, she wakes to find her wish granted. Unfortunately, the men she is attracting are mostly her sisters' beaus!

The book is on Google books. It is a full scan of the book, including the 1903 title page, so PD shouldn't be an issue. A quick estimate based on page size and number of pages ,is about 60k words in 25 chapters, so a fairly short novel, with manageable chapter lengths.

I am a big Richard Marsh fan, from when I first read, and helped record, The Beetle. I have been away from LV for a while and was looking for something to start recording. I sat that a lot of Marsh's works are already recorded, which is great! I noticed that The Magnetic Girl has not been recorded yet. I did a bit of a read and I don't think that this is a book that I would do a good recording of, mainly because of gender. While I have done recordings with female characters, I don't think I would do a good job with a young female, first person narrative about her love life! :mrgreen:
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