Viet Minh violations of the Geneva armistice agreement 1954

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Viet Minh violations of the Geneva armistice agreement 1954

At the Geneva Conference the Delegation of the State of Viet Nam was forced to lodge a formal and solemn protest against the way in which the armistice agreement was concluded and against the clauses and conditions of that armistice. The Vietnamese Delegation had actually presented a proposal directed toward obtaining an armistice without even provisional partition of Viet Nam, through disarmament of all the belligerent forces after their withdrawal into fixed zones of as reduced an area as possible and through the establishment of provisional United Nations control over the entire territory until the re-establishment of order and peace should permit the Vietnamese people to choose their destiny through free elections.
This proposal was rejected without discussion, precisely because no one wanted the responsibility of rejecting it; everybody, including the Viet Minh knew that it was the only proposal which answered the wishes of the Vietnamese people for an armistice without partition.
Further, the Vietnamese delegation realized that the Viet Minh would most certainly violate all the clauses and conditions of the Geneva Agreement, one after the other, and that it would restrain itself only, at least at the beginning, from a. serious enough blow to risk American military intervention. An "agreement" with such an adversary could only be a fool's bargain.
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