Background information relating to Southeast Asia and Vietnam : January 14, 1965

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Background information relating to Southeast Asia and Vietnam : January 14, 1965. Gov Printing Office

Prepared by the Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress, and the staff of the Committee on Foreign Relations” 1948 June 5–Bao Dai, French High Commissioner Emile Bollert, and
Gen. Nguyen Van Xuan sign the Baie d’Along Agreement to establish State of Vietnam with Bao Dai as chief of state within the French Union.

March 8.—The Elysee Agreement, in the form of an exchange of letters between Bao Dai and President Auriol of France, outlines the general principles affecting French-Vietnam relations.

September 7–United States signs agreement with Vietnam for direct economic assistance.
September 8—Delegates from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos participate in the signing of the Japanese Peace Treaty at San Francisco.
July.—U.S. Legation in Saigon is raised to Embassy status. U.S. Ambassador presents credentials to Bao Dai. Vietnamese Embassy is established in Washington, D.C.
October 12-The 200th U.S. ship carrying military aid arrives in Saigon.
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