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Those of us who frequent the Dramatic forum may have seen, or participated in, one of Charles S. Brooks' "Frightful Plays," either the frightful play of pirates, "Wappin' Wharf," or the frightful play of beggars, "At the Sign of the Greedy Pig," currently in progress. Well, if you haven't, let me tell you, this author is a riot!

And I've just noticed the list of titles by the same author, given at the front of the scanned "Frightful Plays" book, none of which are yet in our catalog. There are four collections of humorous essays and one novel.

Journeys to Bagdad

There's Pippins and Cheese to Come

Chimney-Pot Papers

Hints to Pilgrims

Luca Sarto: A novel, a history of his perilous journey into France in the year fourteen hundred and seventy-one
Devorah Allen

Journal of Francis Asbury Traveling preacher, America
The Crook in the Lot Faith in the midst of trials
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle DR
Insect Adventures Children NF (US or Life+50 only)
Faces in the Fire Essays on Faith

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