Letters from Switzerland and Travels in Italy by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Letters from Switzerland and Travels in Italy by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Goethe wrote his two volume autobiography which are recorded on Librivox and he also published his letter and travel journal.
How sedulously are we shaped and moulded in our youth—how constantly are we then called on to lay aside now this, now that bad feeling! But what, in fact, are our so-called bad feelings but so many organs by means of which man is to help himself in life.
After reaching the end of the gorge I alighted, and went back alone through a part of the valley. I thus called forth another profound feeling—one by which the attentive mind may expand its joys to a high degree.
On the Brenner, September 8, 1786,
When we look at the mountains, either closely or from a distance, and see their summits above us at one time glittering in the sunshine, at another enveloped in mist, swept round with strong clouds, or blackened with showers, we are disposed to ascribe it all to the atmosphere, as we can easily with the eye see and discern its movements and changes. The mountains, on the other hand, with their glorious shapes lie before our outward senses immoveable. We take them to be dead because they are rigid, and we believe them to be inactive because they are at rest.
A good addition to the Goethe collection for someone interested in it.

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