The Column of Dust 1909 by Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941

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The Column of Dust 1909 by Underhill, Evelyn, 1875-1941
I CHOOSE for the first act of my comedy the spectacle of a complete freedom cruelly mated with an unquenchable curiosity. Such a liberty, clearly impossible to those who are fettered by the illusions of sense, is no natural prerogative even of the intangible and spiritual populations. Constrained by the unceasing pull and push of that love which moves the worlds, these are drawn forward to the joys of a selfless adoration, or downward to the weary miseries of individual self-fulfilment: those eternally opposing attitudes which an old-fashioned and clear-sighted theology has crudely classified as Heaven and Hell.
"He that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent." --PROVERBS 28:20.
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