Through The Dark Continent by Henry Morton Stanley

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Through the Dark Continent (Vol. II) by Henry Morton Stanley

Subtitle: The Sources of the Nile, Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and Down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean

Example of a chapter from the book:

Chapter VI.

"Mama, the Wasambye!" - The fight in the Ruiki - The lost found - Dangerous disobedience - In the nick of time - A savage captive - Music hath charms - In the haunts of Nature - A town of one street - Deserted villages - Organizing a hospital - An island wasted by lightning - "The people of the filed teeth" - Primitive salt-making - Hostages captured - At close quarters - Raining arrows - "Bo-bo, bo-bo, bo-bo-o-o-oh!" - A desperate affair and opportune reinforcements - Cutting the canoes adrift - Tippu-Tib deserts me - My appeal to the "sea children" - Christmas Day among the cannibals - "Victory or death."

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