After the divorce, a romance by Grazia Deledda

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Post by Carolin » August 24th, 2017, 1:35 am
After the divorce, a romance
by Deledda, Grazia, 1871-1936

grazia deledda is an early female winner of the nobel prize for literature and we really should have more of her work. she writes beautifully.
This tragedy is set in Sardinia Constantino Ledda is convicted on charges for murdering his bad uncle. Constantino is innocent, but he accepts the verdict because of her wife Giovanna. After Constantino is convicted, Giovanna has no economic means to support her family, so she divorces her husband and marries again with a wealthy but cruel landowner. Constantino is released after the real killer confesses, and he and Giovanna start a forbidden romance.

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