Anna Hammer; a tale of contemporary German life by Temme

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Anna Hammer; a tale of contemporary German life
by Temme, Jodocus Donatus Hubertus, 1798-1881; Guernsey, Alfred H. (Alfred Hudson), 1824-1902
His object is not to present a labored analysis of individual character, but to set forth the wanton abuses committed by legal functionaries and tribunals; the corruption and servility of courtiers and placemen; the insolence and brutality of the military power; and the galling tyranny of the petty sovereigns. His object is to portray systems and institutions rather than persons; hence he leaves his characters when the special purpose for which they were introduced has been subserved, without even a postscript to tell their subsequent fate. Those who wish to learn what it is that the German emigrants who forsake their Fatherland, and throng our shores, seek to avoid, can not, perhaps, learn it better, short of a personal visit to the Continent of Europe, than from Anna Hammer.

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