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Sixty Jane by JL Long

Posted: July 27th, 2017, 2:51 am
by Carolin
Sixty Jane ; and, The strike on the Schlafeplatz railroad ; "Our Anchel" ; The lady and her soul ; The beautiful graveyard ; Lucky Jim ; The outrageous Miss Dawn-Dream ; The little house in the little street where the sun never came ; The atonement
by Long, John Luther, 1861-1927; Decorative Designers. bdd; Century Company. pbl; De Vinne Press. prt; Sterner, Albert, 1863-1946

short stories, interesting stuff. sixty jane is the story of an elderly lady, then we have a railroad adventure, a civil war story, and others. all of them have some kind of local color dialogue which i found difficult but which other readers might love to interpret.