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Post by Norman » July 18th, 2017, 8:14 pm

There are a variety of handbooks etc in the NASA Technical Report Server. I tried to sort for "no copyright" and handbook and came up with over 28,000 hits.

I flipped through and pulled up interesting ones on page 6 or higher that still said "Rights: No Copyright" with authors listed as NASA employees (which is key to meeting public domain rights.

Books like
Mars Mission Design Handbook...
Hydroponics Database and Handbook for the Advanced Life Support Test Bed

On page 7 i found my own handbook "Structural Damage Prediction and Analysis for Hypervelocity Impacts: Handbook." i wasnt a NASA employee, but was paid by NASA under contract and no copyright was claimed.

So the bottom line: Search and you may be able to find subjects of interest to you, with clear statement of copyright, but you may want to verify the authors were NASA employees when they wrote it (that is listed on the book page) and even shoot them an email.

I have my eye on Modeling Flight: The Role of Dynamically Scaled Free-Flight Models in Support of NASA's Aerospace Programs. i sent the author an email but he retired awhile ago, supposedly in 1998 and was probably a consultant when the book was released. (and i am buried with work these days anyway.)


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Post by chocoholic » July 19th, 2017, 4:27 pm

Oh, very cool! There are a lot of entries on animal models -- not just lab animals but also things like using giraffes to study the effects of gravity on the vertebral column, applying aquatic animal anatomy to aerodynamic design, etc. I might see if any of those are usable for LV (that is, not slide presentations, news releases, etc).
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