Cherry: the cumberer that bore fruit by Amy Le Feuvre

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Post by Carolin » July 17th, 2017, 5:01 am
Cherry: the cumberer that bore fruit
by Le Feuvre, Amy

i read the title as "cherry, the cucumber that bore fruit" and was wondering about cucumbers the whole time i looked through this book :roll:

the four st. legers children have grown up in england with friends of their mother's, while their parents lived in india where their father was a colonel. they have seen so little of their parents they have only a vague notion of them. their mother has died five years ago and their father has never once written a letter to them since, but now he is coming back to pick them up. the four kids with their different characters are touched differently by this news, and cherry has it particularly difficult, as she is an earnest girl who always puts her entire heart into things. the challenge of the new situation also has its opportunities though :)

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