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Post by phileasfogg » October 17th, 2017, 4:14 am

Hello i found this book from the National Library of Chile
In that page they say that material is free of copyright property and could be used for anyone freely I know that mention that date of 1972 but they also explain that this particular translation is part of "Patrimonio cultural comun" and the publisher gave up its copyright
It can be used as a valid source?
I paste the explanation of that kind of material (in spanish unfortunately, i´ll try to translate it, but i can make some mistakes) Este documento pertenece al patrimonio cultural común, por lo que puede ser utilizado y reproducido libremente (This document belongs to "patrimonio cultural comun" and can be used and reproduced freely)
Objetos digitales:
Todos los documentos, imágenes y archivos audiovisuales digitalizados que forman parte de la colección de Memoria Chilena se rigen por la Ley N° 17.336 sobre Propiedad Intelectual. De acuerdo con esto, se pueden identificar los siguientes casos:
(All the digitalized documents, images and audiovisual material that belongs to Memoria Chilena are under Law Nº 17336 about Intelectual Properties, and we can distiguish the following cases:)

1.- Objetos digitales que forman parte del Patrimonio Cultural Común:
(1-Digitalized Objects that belongs to Patrimonio cultural comun:)

En Memoria Chilena se pueden encontrar obras de gran valor patrimonial que forman parte del Patrimonio Cultural Común. Tales creaciones, pueden ser utilizadas por cualquiera, siempre que se respete la paternidad y la integridad de la obra.
(We can find many works of high value in Memoria Chilena that integrate part of Patrimonio Cultural comun, they can be used freely and by any who desire it but they always have to mention the author and respect its integrity)
En tal sentido, la Ley mencionada señala que este patrimonio se compone por:
In that sense that mentioned Law points that this Patrimonio ii integrated by:
a) Las obras cuyo plazo de protección se haya extinguido;
a) Works which date of protection is finished
b) La obra de autor desconocido, incluyéndose las canciones, leyendas, danzas y las expresiones del acervo folklórico;
b) Works of unknown authors, including songs, legends, dances and expresions of folk heritage
c) Las obras cuyos titulares renunciaron a la protección que otorga esta ley;
c) Works which their makers resigned the protection of that law (This is the case of this book in particular)
d) Las obras de autores extranjeros, domiciliados en el exterior, que no estén protegidos en la forma establecida en el artículo 2° de la Ley N° 17.336;
d)Works of foreign authors, addressed in foreign countries, that are not specifically protected under the 2nd article of that law
e) Las obras que fueren expropiadas por el Estado, salvo que la ley especifique un beneficiario.
e) Works expropiated by the Estate, unless the law specify a beneficiary
"To Infinity and Beyond"
Buzz Lightyear

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Post by floramiller » November 19th, 2017, 2:41 am

I was just wondering whether this has been done in Polish yet? Could be quite fun, but have no idea where to start...

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Post by tovarisch » November 19th, 2017, 6:12 am

Hello Flora,
you wrote:I was just wondering whether this has been done in Polish yet? Could be quite fun, but have no idea where to start...
What is the "this" you are referring to? There are recordings in Polish on LV, you can find them here.

As to where to start, have you visited the Wiki yet? See the 'Volunteering' section on that page...

Welcome to LibriVox! :)
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