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MAURICE BARING (1874–1945)

Damozel Blanche: And Other Faery Tales (1900)

📖 14 pages long; Ideal for novice readers.

Goethe And Victor Hugo: A Comparison (1900/03/26)

📖 22 pages long. Divided into short chapters; Ideal for novice readers.

Gaston De Foix: And Other Plays (1903)

The Black Prince And Other Poems (1903)

Mahasena: A Play In Three Acts (1905)

The Story Of Forget-Me-Not And Lily Of The Valley (1905)

Sonnets And Short Poems (1906)

With The Russians In Manchuria (1906, 3rd Edition)

A Year In Russia (1907)

ℹ️ "THE basis of most of these chapters is composed of letters contributed during the current year to the Morning Post, by whose kind permission they are here republished. They reflect the fleeting ideas, the passing moods of the moment; but as the various moments of which they reflect some kind of image form part of what must constitute an eventful chapter of Russian history, I have thought that it would be worth while to republish them, so as to furnish some kind of record of what people were thinking and saying while the interesting things which history will relate were happening, and so as to give a few sidelights showing the attitude of "the man in the street," during the hours of crisis. Such sidelights tend to show how little even the greatest crises in the lives of States affect the daily life of the average man. The people who cry out that the state of things is intolerable and not to be borne are, for the most part, well-to-do people who work up their indignation towards the end of a good dinner. The people who to the far-off looker-on seem to be undergoing intolerable oppression are themselves lookers-on, and they scarcely look, hardly realise and seldom say anything.

I have endeavoured in these chapters to present impartially the widely divergent points of view of various people ; at the same time I have made no attempt to disguise the whereabouts of my sympathies, being mindful of the sage, who, as Renan translates him, says : "Ne sois pas trop juste, et n'affecte pas trop de sagesse de peur d'etre un niais."

These sidelights being the reflections of fugitive phases, I have made no attempt to introduce an element of consistency into them, nor have I in the light of subsequent events tried to modify the effect of the hopes which proved to be illusory or of the fears which were groundless hopes and fears which I myself shared with those by whom I heard them expressed."

Desiderio: A Drama In Three Acts (1907)

Russian Essays And Stories (1908)

ℹ️ "In this book you will not find, thank Heaven, very much talk of politics. You will find, on the other hand, truthful and accurate records of real people, seen with the naked eye, unobscured by prejudice and not magnified by the spectacles of exaggeration. Also some true stories. I hope it will amuse you." (Dedication)

Dead Letters (1909)

ℹ️ Satirical Collection.

The Glass Mender And Other Stories (1910) · Republished as The Blue Rose Fairy Book (1911)

Diminutive Dramas (1911)

The Collected Poems Of Maurice Baring (1911)

The Grey Stocking: And Other Plays (1911)

The Russian People (1911)

ℹ️ "My object in writing this book is to supply the average reader with an introduction to the course of Russian affairs ; to supply him with a rough idea of those things which, it is generally assumed, the student will have found out for himself. I wish to sketch as simply and as briefly as possible the main features of the Russian soil and race ; the main episodes of the history and development of the nation ; to point out the chief characteristics of the country and its people ; and to trace the manner in which Its chief institutions grew up and developed : in fact, to put before the reader the chief landmarks in the story of the Russian people. I am well aware of the immense difficulty of the task, and I am fully conscious that the result cannot fail to be superficial and full of shortcomings. But I believe that an introductory guide of this kind, however imperfect it may be, cannot fail to fill a certain gap, and be of some definite use as a stepping-stone to more special knowledge and a wider research. Although I cannot vie in research and erudition with my predecessors and fellow-workers in the same field, to whom I am deeply indebted, I can at least claim that knowledge which arises from sympathy with the people whose story, characteristics, and significance I will endeavour to indicate." (Preface)

Landmarks In Russian Literature (1912, 2nd Edition)

Letters From The Near East (1913)$b302545&view=2up&seq=7

Palamon And Arcite: A Play For Puppets (1913)

What I Saw In Russia (1913)

An Outline Of Russian Literature (1914)

The Mainsprings Of Russia (1914)

English Landscape: An Anthology (1916)

ℹ️ Poetry.

Translations: Ancient And Modern (1916)

📖 37 pages long, each one displaying a separate chapter-text.

Round The World In Any Number Of Days (1919 Edition)

R. F. C. H. Q., 1914-1918 (1920)

Passing By (1921)

ℹ️ Novel.

Overlooked (1922)

The Puppet Show Of Memory (1922)

ℹ️ Autobiography.

His Majesty's Embassy: & Other Plays (1923)

A Triangle: Passages From Three Notebooks (1924)

C (1924)

ℹ️ Novel.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Hildesheim: Quatre Pastiches (1924)

Punch And Judy: & Other Essays (1924)$b440897&view=2up&seq=11

Cat's Cradle (1925)

ℹ️ Novel.

Half A Minute's Silence: And Other Stories (1925)

The Collected Poems Of Maurice Baring (1925)

Maurice Baring (1926)

ℹ️ The Augustan Books Of Modern Poetry.$b112169&view=2up&seq=3

French Literature (1927)

📖 76 pages long; Divided into short chapters.

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