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Post by YLiu » March 31st, 2021, 9:15 am

朱自清散文集, by Ziqing Zhu (1898 - 1948)
朱自清早期的散文,共25篇。可分为写实议论和叙事抒情两大类。如《生命的价格-七毛钱》、《航船中的文明》、《白种人-上帝的骄子》、《阿河》、《哀韦杰三君》、《旅行杂记》等直接从现实生活取材,以夹叙夹议手法抨击黑暗社会的名篇;又如《背影》、《桨声灯影里的秦淮河》、《绿》、《荷塘月色》、《月朦胧,鸟朦胧,帘卷海棠红》、《白水漈》等情景交融、充满诗情画意而脍炙人口的佳作,代表了他的散文艺术的最高成就。 (Summary by 百度百科)
Source text (please read only from this text!): https://archive.org/details/zhuziqingsanwenj0000unse/page/n1/mode/2up?q=朱自清

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Post by TriciaG » March 31st, 2021, 9:59 am


I'm sorry - this book looks like it was published in 2014, so it's most certainly still under copyright. While the essays in it might be older, this edition is new.

We only produce works from books whose copyright has expired (usually more than 95 years old).

In the meantime, we highly recommend that new readers claim, record, and get OK'd at least one section in a group project. This is to make sure you know what you're getting into. Recording a whole book isn't as easy as it seems. It isn't simply sitting down and recording. There's editing to do - and that often can take up to 5 times as long as recording does. In my experience, a ballpark estimate of 95% of brand new readers who start with a solo end up quitting before finishing. Please test the waters first before jumping in. :) Not only that, you're basically alone in a solo: you are the coordinator, and unless you have a very friendly DPL, you won't get much encouragement while doing your solo.

I'm moving this to Book Suggestions to keep the Launch Pad tidy.
Bulwer-Lytton novel: The Caxtons
New York scenes, 1897: Darkness and Daylight
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Post by CSCO » April 10th, 2021, 2:59 am

Hi, YLiu-san.

More Lǔ Xùn's works, please.

Lǔ Xùn (魯迅) is one of the symbols of our (between Chinese and Japanese) friendship (日中友好). And scholars of Chinese literature whole world over need 中国小说史略 and 野草 in audio format to improve their Chinese language skills.
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