That affair at "The Cedars" by Lee Thayer

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Post by Carolin » October 12th, 2017, 5:34 am
That affair at "The Cedars"
by Thayer, Lee, b. 1874; Rowe, Clarence, ill; Doubleday, Page & Company. pbl; Country Life Press. prt

billy returns from the war after several years - nothing much unusual there, except that everyone had thought that he was dead, including his girlfriend betty. she was in the meantime pushed into marrying another man. when billy returns, they meet one last time to exchange letters, it isnt like they can get married now as long as her husband lives. as they stand there in the darkness, suddenly there is a finger on the lightswitch, the light goes on, and then off, and then there is a struggle in the dark, and then someone is dead...

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